4 Best Destinations in the World for Marriage Proposal


It is difficult to replicate other people’s proposal scenes, but you can choose to leave your own mark of happiness in these places.

Some time ago, I accidentally saw the news that the diving champion He Zi, who was proposed at the Olympics, had successfully produced. The unforgettable marriage proposal of the Olympics seems to be still in sight. I think many girls might envy such a scene in their lifetime. Qin Kai proposed to He Zi in front of the audience at the competition. I think this marriage proposal, blessed and witnessed by people all over the world, is the real gold medal, and many people have cried.

Of course, the scene of such a proposal cannot be copied. In life, we can refer to the countless marriage proposal scenes in the movie. The ring is hidden in the cake of the romantic dinner in the restaurant, in the wine glass served by the waiter at the beach, or the proposal on the outdoor big screen.

Every time a good friend around me has the urge to marry, I always worry about how to create it. This may be the most unforgettable memory in my life. I still ask in the group where the proposal is the most suitable. I must grasp the romantic point and not It will be too much, and you have to think about how to clean up the mess if you get rejected.

I personally think that proposing during the trip is actually a good choice. It is best to choose a destination where both of you want to go for a long time. Two people enjoy the trip, and then choose a suitable time to propose. Usually, the success rate is quite high. Today I want to recommend for everyone, are some of the most suitable travel destinations for marriage proposals. Make sure get your travel visa at Visa Express if you need one.

Santorini, Greece

Although many people regard Santorini in Greece as their first choice for their honeymoon, I think this place is more suitable for marriage proposals. Because of the inconvenient transportation, after one or two days of transit, and then wake up in the morning facing the world’s most romantic volcano and the Aegean Sea, you will feel that the sweetness at this moment can outweigh everything. Enjoying the beautiful sunset at dusk, the romantic violin sounded, it is the most suitable to propose at this moment, and returning to this place at the future anniversary, you must have a different feeling.

Australia Tasmania

Tasmania in Australia is a magical land. If you look at the map, this island looks like a heart. The good ecological environment makes it rich in ingredients and many wineries, as well as the valleys. Hotel, suitable for walking or driving. Think about taking a girl here for a week of hard hiking, and then on the hotel terrace in the valley, you took out a special customized wedding ring on this heart-shaped island. I don’t think no girl would agree to it.

Horseshoe Bay, USA

The Colorado River in the United States flows slowly in the Arizona river course. Thousands of years have created this magical horseshoe bay. Countless people come together to see this magnificent beauty. As far as I personally experience it, because there is no for any protection, there is a cliff of ten thousand feet on the side. Many people lie on the edge to admire the beautiful scenery, and many couples hug each other and lean on the side. Proposing at this time must be full of excitement and romance. But the important thing is not to lose your wedding ring!

Kyoto, Japan

The four seasons of Kyoto have different scenery. The thousand-year-old capital exudes a kind of stability and warmth. In spring, cherry blossoms are scattered throughout the city. In autumn, it is a good place to see the maple leaves. Think about standing with a loved one in an ancient temple full of red leaves in Kyoto. The proposal must be great, and the whole heart will become more peaceful and warmer.

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